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Paul Hadel


Paul Hadel is a long established financial professional and the founder of Hadel Financial Solutions located in Overland Park, Kansas.  In 1977 at age 23 prior to entering the business Paul helped two different savings and loans market their problem real estate new home subdivisions in Blue Springs and Lee’s Summit Missouri.  After successful marketing and sales of several million of residential properties Paul changed paths.  In 1981 he entered a financial and estate planning career.  Two years later he met his future wife Debbie from South Dakota.

From the start Debbie became his confidant and best friend. They married in 1983 and had three sons:  Andrew, Benjamin, and Samuel.  As they built their business, they viewed themselves as farmers planting seeds.  Harvest will come later if they build a solid foundation based on trust and relationships.   

In 1984 after their first son Andrew was born Paul and Debbie were building the practice.  Paul was able to help a South Dakota farmer with his continuity plan to protect a 7,500-acre family farm. That same year Franklin Life Insurance celebrated its hundred-year anniversary featuring the Hadel Family in trade journal magazines throughout the industry showcasing their success.  Paul achieved success with every challenge Franklin Life Insurance company put in front of him.   


 Early in 1993 Paul & Debbie added wealth management to further assist their client’s goals.  Several of them accumulated substantial assets and wanted help preserving what they worked for.  They helped their clients pursue their goals by working with their, CPA’s, attorneys, and bankers.  In 2006 they were asked to be financial advisors for all branch locations one of Kansas City's most successful community owned Banks.  They helped the bank officers and owners enhance the relationships they have built throughout the years.  Paul and Debbie also helped the bank employees as financial coaches with their personal assets.    To help protect the continuity of the bank they developed the estate plan for the bank owner.  By providing the liquidity necessary it became possible to transfer tens of millions to local charities including WWI museum, Johnson Community College among many others.  Paul & Debbie have built life-time relationships with several other business and successful individuals as well.  


Paul & Debbie have three wonderful sons:  Andrew CFP, Benjamin CPA, and Sam Hadel.  Andrew and Benjamin are partners in the firm. Samuel is also in the industry with American Century in Kansas City.  Paul has a written continuity plan in place with Andrew and Benjamin. Paul enjoys helping people and loves his clients, many of whom have become his best friends.  Paul and Debbie are in it for the long term. Paul helps business owners 15 to 20 years his senior that also have family members in their business.  Paul has helped his clients develop their continuity plan as well.  With family it’s complicated sometimes. It is nice to have someone outside of the immediate family help develop the plan to help a business thrive into multiple generations.  Paul enjoys playing drums and enjoys the musicians at the Kansas City Symphony.  He has known some members since 1981 when it was the Kansas City Philharmonic.  Paul learned how to play drums from lessons from the head percussionist.